A consultation is usually a short meeting between an attorney and a potential client who seeks advice on what his/her rights are in a given legal situation.

Consultations encompass: initial consultations, colleague consultations, limited scope representation (also known as legal coaching for those persons seeking to minimize cost and do some work themselves) and second opinions.

Our Approach:

Scheffee Law provides initial consultations to those who want to know more about their rights and what to expect from a legal process. Attorney Liz Scheffee offers initial consultations to people seeking legal advice surrounding divorce, separation, child custody, domestic violence, paternity, alimony and other family law matters. An initial consultation may help you decide whether or not to pursue legal action and/or how to deal with an existing legal issue.

In addition to initial consultations, Liz provides consultations to colleagues who seek her help with family law cases. As an attorney with significant experience in family law in Maine, Liz provides guidance on how laws are interpreted in the state and anecdotal advice on how laws are interpreted at a local or regional level.

Scheffee Law also provides limited scope representation, which is for those who need legal assistance and guidance, but not full representation. Liz offers second opinions to both litigants and practitioners on rulings, judgments, decisions, and/or the advice being suggested by an attorney to a client.

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Liz Scheffee represented me in my divorce recently. She came to me highly recommended by another lawyer, and Liz lived up to the advertising and then some. Navigating the process is hard enough, but she made it go smoothly, prepared me well for what was to come, and was strategic, realistic, decent, honest, informative and above all, supportive. I would, in turn, recommend her as highly as she was recommended to me!
– J.S.

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