Litigation is used when the parties cannot resolve a conflict using mediation, arbitration or other forms of conflict resolution. Litigation involves a contested hearing, or longer trial, in which evidence and testimony is presented to the court for determination. A judge will decide the issues presented and issue a court order or final judgment, which is binding for the parties.
In Maine, a final judgment in the trial court may be appealed to the Maine Supreme Judicial Court. During the appeal process, all matters involving property division are stayed (put on hold) during the appeal period, and all issues involving child support, spousal support, and parental rights are not. So, while the trial court’s determination as to support and custody are implemented immediately, the determination about property division is not effective until after the appeal is resolved.
Litigation Includes: custody, divorce, separation, support, division of assets, domestic violence and appellate (appeals).

Our Approach:

Litigation may be required to resolve disputes surrounding child custody, divorce, alimony, divisions of assets and other family matters that cannot be resolved by other means. Because family law litigation usually involves a family member suing another family member, it can be an emotional and stressful process. Scheffee Law seeks to minimize this stress by helping clients to understand the process and prepare them well for court appearances.
Attorney Liz Scheffee is your trusted advocate in the court room, drawing on three decades of family law litigation experience to win financially sound and swift resolutions for her clients. Liz helps you understand what is needed personally and financially in litigation and is frank about possible outcomes. She assists clients with gathering documents in preparation for court and relies on honest and ongoing dialogue to ensure she represents your interests faithfully.

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Scheffee Law also represents people seeking to appeal or defend against appeal of a court decision in a family law matter. Attorney Liz Scheffee prepares the notice of appeal, drafts and argues the appeal brief, assembles the index required on appeal, and compiles all necessary supporting documents and/or prepares and files the necessary response.
Appellate litigation is detailed, exacting, and rule based — both in terms of the process and the legal standards applied in appellate review. Liz Scheffee brings her knowledge and experience of appellate practice to sharpen effective written argument and oral advocacy.
Liz Scheffee represented me in my divorce recently. She came to me highly recommended by another lawyer, and Liz lived up to the advertising and then some. Navigating the process is hard enough, but she made it go smoothly, prepared me well for what was to come, and was strategic, realistic, decent, honest, informative and above all, supportive. I would, in turn, recommend her as highly as she was recommended to me!
– J.S.

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